jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

In the pursuit of the everlasting flame

One of the world's most misleading and unfruitful ventures is to go for something with the inner hope that it will last forever. Such a search, though, may be guided through one of the most common sentiments embedded in the human soul: Eternity. But eternity cannot be obtained through action, it can only be acquired by stillness.
It is an appealing thought, to try and find a way to ignite an everlasting flame. A flame that will burn for as long as we live and, perhaps, even further still. A flame that will never come to an end. An infinite source of light and heat. Endless energy.
The usual mistake when trying to fulfil such a beautiful desire, is to forget that what gives meaning to burning flames is cold; that what gives light meaning is darkness; that what gives search a meaning is being lost. That's when the action of letting go through inaction becomes important.
In the pursuit of the everlasting flame, the time comes when one acknowledges that, although it is not possible to achieve an eternal source of comfort, it is perfectly possible to grow through the frustration of seeing the flames we have ignited fade over and over again. Then a simple, yet powerful truth at last becomes self evident—you cannot ignite an everlasting flame, but you can build a natural attitude towards letting go and starting as many flames as you may need, learning every time each goes out.
That force —though not permanent— can be everlasting.

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